Tuesday, 4 December 2012

German Names

There are so many gorgeous German names that I couldn't resist to share. Many will be familiar, but you won't have necessarily realised that they were of German origin!

Heidi - a variant of 'Adelheid', which means 'of noble birth'. Such a sweet, friendly name with a soft sound.
Alice - means 'noble'. A super sophisticated name that's simple but beautiful. Unfortunately, it was used for a character in Twilight, but it wouldn't be as obvious a choice as Bella!
Elsa - the German variation of 'Elisabeth', which means 'pledged to God'. Great if you like the nickname 'Elsie'! Could be an option if you like Emma but don't want to use a popular name.
Matilda - means 'battle-mighty'. A cool name that could have the pretty nickname 'Tilly'.

Otto - means 'wealthy'. A name that conjures up images of a very studious child.
Frederick - means 'peaceful ruler'. The nickname possibilities for this one are endless! You could use 'Fred', 'Freddie', 'Rick', 'Ricky'...
Archibald - means 'truly brave'. Great meaning and great nickname of 'Archie'.
Augusten - the German variation of Augustus, which means 'the exalted one'. A different choice to get to the much-loved name 'August'. 'Gus' is an adorable nickname.
Harry - a variant of Henry, which means 'estate ruler'. Harry is very popular at the moment in the UK, and it's pretty obvious why!

Do you know any other gorgeous German names?

Thanks for reading!

Monday, 3 December 2012

Psychology Names

I am currently at university studying for a degree in Psychology with Criminology. Psychology, the science of mind and behaviour, is an enthralling discipline to study, so I thought it'd be fun to look at a few famous psychologist's names.

Mary - of Hebrew origin and means 'bitter'. Whilst the name Mary doesn't have the best meaning, it is still seen as a timeless, elegant name. It's also great for Christian parents, as there are a total of six Mary's in the Bible!
The psychologist: Mary Ainsworth is best known for her research into child development and the theory of attachment.
Mamie - a variant of Mary or Margaret, which means 'pearl'. A very cute, unique name that I think will fit a girl of any age.
The psychologist: Mamie Phipps Clark is best known for her research into child development and self-concept among minorities. She was the first black woman to graduate from Columbia University.
Anna - a Greek or Latin version of 'Hannah', which means 'grace'. A simple yet pretty name.
The psychologist: Anna Freud is best known for founding child psychoanalysis and her research into defense mechanisms. And yes, she is Sigmund Freud's daughter!
Karen - the Danish variation of 'Katherine', which means 'pure'. A slightly outdated name that may jump back into the limelight because of it's sweet, traditional vibe.
The psychologist: Karen Horney is best known for her theories of neurosis, feminine psychology and self psychology. She was a neo-Freudian but also challenged many of Freud's ideas, making her an admirable, independent woman!
Melanie - of Greek origin and means 'black, dark'. Has the cool nickname 'Mel' and conjures up the image of a very playful girl.
The psychologist: Melanie Klein is best known for developing the technique known as 'play therapy'.
Sabina - of Latin origin and means 'Sabine'. Not as popular and well-known as 'Sabrina', but an interesting, more unique twist.
The psychologist: Sabina Spielrein is best known for her contribution to the development of psychoanalysis.

Alfred - of English origin and means 'wise counsellor'. A great name as it has the lovely nickname possibilities of 'Alfie' and 'Fred' or 'Freddie'.
The psychologist: Alfred Adler is best known for developing individual psychology.
Gordon - of Scottish origin and means 'great hill'. A hardly used strong, masculine name.
The psychologist: Gordon Allport is best known as one of the founding figures of personality psychology.
Solomon - of Hebrew origin and means 'peace'. A name that is slowing becoming more popular because of it's old-fashioned flair.
The psychologist: Solomon Asch is a social psychologist best known for his research into conformity.
Wilhelm - the German variation of 'William', which means 'resolute protection'. Pronounced 'vil-helm' but could still have the popular 'Will' nickname.
The psychologist: Wilhelm Wundt is best known for establishing the very first experimental psychology laboratory.
Clark - of English origin and means 'scribe, secretary, cleric, scholar, clerk'. A short but sweet, fashionable name.
The psychologist: Clark Hull was best known for his major role in behaviourism.
Sigmund - of German origin and means 'victorious protection'. I couldn't not include this one! Would possibly be difficult for a child to pull off, but if you're passionate about psychology, Sigmund in the middle spot would be fine.
The psychologist: Sigmund Freud is the best known psychological figure in history, but also one of the most controversial! He was the founder of the school of thought known as psychoanalysis.

So, if you want your child be a genius, name them one of the above! (I joke!) What do you think of these perhaps old-fashioned yet interesting names?

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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Greek Names

I love anything Greek - the food, the culture, and especially the names! Let's take a look at some of the best names of Greek origin.

Penelope - means 'weaver'. I love the nickname 'Penny' but am afraid that the name will boost in popularity after Kourtney Kardashian named her daughter Penelope Scotland.
Amara - means 'lovely forever'. A gorgeous meaning and an equally gorgeous name! Very sweet and pretty.
Leida - a variant of 'Leda' which means 'happy'. In Greek mythology, Leda was the mother of Helen of Troy, and was very beautiful. The only problem with this name is it sounds too much like 'leader', which could prove a tad pretentious.
Athena - was the goddess of wisdom and fertility in Greek mythology. The soft sounds of this name are beautiful.
Cassandra - means 'prophetess'. The nickname 'Cassie' is really lovely!
Evangeline - means 'bearer of good news'. This name has some gorgeous nickname options, such as 'Eva', 'Eve' and 'Evie'. I also really like how the word 'angel' is hidden inside the name.
Alexa - a variant of 'Alexandra' which means 'defending men'. Alexa has been at the top of my girl's list for a long time now. I love the simple elegance of it.
Sophia - means 'wisdom'. Much prettier than 'Sophie', but was number fourteen in the Top 100 UK Baby Names for 2011, so it's pretty popular.
Imogen - means 'beloved child'. Lovely nickname potential of 'Immy' or 'Gen'.
Magdalena - means 'from Magdala'. A strong yet pretty name, with the cute nickname 'Maggie'.

Toby - originally a Hebrew name; now a Greek name. Means 'God is good'. An adorable name.
Alexander - means 'defending men'. A well-loved name that has nickname possibilities of 'Alex' or the quirky 'Xander'.
George - means 'farmer'. A strong, handsome name.
Lucas - a variant of 'Luke' which means 'from Luciana'. I think it's a nice twist on the traditional 'Luke'. 'Luca' is also nice but feels slightly unfinished.
Nicholas - means 'people of victory'. In Greek mythology, Nike was the goddess of victory. A solid choice that provides the nickname 'Nick'. However, there is the St. Nicholas association - will you be thinking of Father Christmas when looking at your child?
Theon - means 'godly'. Theon was the name of a famous Greek mathematician and astronomer. An interesting choice in the world of 'Theo' names.

So, what is your opinion on these Greek names? Can you think of any more?

Thanks for reading!

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Space Names

I've always been fascinated with space, stars, the moon and planets. Space-themed names are equally as interesting so let's look into a few that I like...

Neoma - of Greek origin and means 'new moon'. I love how this is similar to the beautiful 'Naomi' without the 'I-moan backwards' connotations.
Selena - the Latin variation of the Greek 'Selene', and means 'moon goddess'. I love 'Serena', but with this meaning Selena wins it for me!
Artemisia - a variation of 'Artemis', a Greek mythology name. Artemis was the Greek goddess of the moon. I think Artemisia is a gorgeous full name for the sweet nickname 'Mia'.
Astra - of Latin origin and means 'of the stars'. A beautiful meaning, but unfortunately Vauxhall used the name for one of their cars. However, would be great in the middle name spot!
Phoebe - of Greek origin and means 'radiant, shining one'. In Greek mythology she was associated with the moon, and was actually the mother of Artemis. I've always loved this name, although it's slightly hard to get over the 'Friends' connotations!
Luna - of Latin origin and means 'moon'. Luna was the Roman goddess of the moon. An obvious choice that's unfortunately rising in popularity, but is beautiful nonetheless.
Novah - a variation of 'Nova', of Latin origin, meaning 'new'. Nova is an astronomical term for a star that increases in brightness and then fades. Unfortunately, Chevrolet used 'Nova' as a name for one of their cars, but it's still an interesting option.

Jupiter - a Roman mythology name. Jupiter was a supreme Roman deity, and is now the largest planet in the solar system. A tad out-there, but the nickname 'Jupe' is adorable, and the whole name has such a cool feel!
Cosmo - originally a Greek name; now an Italian name. Means 'order, beauty'. Embraces the whole cosmos, but has the Cosmopolitan cocktail association. I think it would be lovely as a middle name, however.
Orion - a Greek mythology name. Orion was a legendary hunter in mythology who became the most recognisable constellation in the night sky. A very masculine name.

So there's a few space-y names that I like. What do you think? Do you know any other space-themed names?

Thanks for reading!