Tuesday, 4 December 2012

German Names

There are so many gorgeous German names that I couldn't resist to share. Many will be familiar, but you won't have necessarily realised that they were of German origin!

Heidi - a variant of 'Adelheid', which means 'of noble birth'. Such a sweet, friendly name with a soft sound.
Alice - means 'noble'. A super sophisticated name that's simple but beautiful. Unfortunately, it was used for a character in Twilight, but it wouldn't be as obvious a choice as Bella!
Elsa - the German variation of 'Elisabeth', which means 'pledged to God'. Great if you like the nickname 'Elsie'! Could be an option if you like Emma but don't want to use a popular name.
Matilda - means 'battle-mighty'. A cool name that could have the pretty nickname 'Tilly'.

Otto - means 'wealthy'. A name that conjures up images of a very studious child.
Frederick - means 'peaceful ruler'. The nickname possibilities for this one are endless! You could use 'Fred', 'Freddie', 'Rick', 'Ricky'...
Archibald - means 'truly brave'. Great meaning and great nickname of 'Archie'.
Augusten - the German variation of Augustus, which means 'the exalted one'. A different choice to get to the much-loved name 'August'. 'Gus' is an adorable nickname.
Harry - a variant of Henry, which means 'estate ruler'. Harry is very popular at the moment in the UK, and it's pretty obvious why!

Do you know any other gorgeous German names?

Thanks for reading!

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